Mrs Hinch fan shares carpet cleaning hack to remove stains – ‘never seen anything like it’


    Mrs Hinch fans regularly share their own cleaning tips and tricks online. Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman shared her carpet cleaning hack to not only help remove stains but to also help freshen them up.

    Although the cleaning product lasts a long time, the woman recommended reusing it to prevent waste and help to save money.

    The woman then attached a video of herself using the homemade cleaning product which showed stains lifting from her grey carpet.

    Fans of the hack rushed straight to the comments to share their thoughts.

    One person said: “I do this, I’ve kept mine, I use Pink Stuff powder, water and the tiniest bit of black.”

    Taking to the same Facebook page, one cleaning fan shared how she uses the Dr Beckmann stain remover.

    The woman wrote: “Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover is worth a buy, five minutes of scrubbing and the stains are completely gone.”

    The before photo showed a dark grey stained carpet in the hallway which had been walked over in dirty shoes.

    The after picture showed a clean stain-free light grey carpet that looked as good as new. 

    One Mrs Hinch fan commented: “I spilt red wine on a new pale grey carpet, I used this product and it was amazing, definitely recommend.”

    Another said: “It got gloss paint out of my cream carpet! It’s my new favourite thing.”

    “It got takeaway chilli sauce off my light grey carpet, I swear by it,” a third wrote.


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