Home News Mum furious after neighbour demands she stop breastfeeding in her own garden

Mum furious after neighbour demands she stop breastfeeding in her own garden



The woman has been living with her husband in her home for five years, and a new couple named Anna and Paul moved in next door when she was two months pregnant. She claimed they had issues early on, after they spotted her sunbathing in her private garden from the second floor of their home.

They initially complained that seeing her pregnant made them “uncomfortable” and later revealed that they have fertility issues.

Two months later, her son was born, and the couple complained again that they could “see him” from their balcony.

The woman wrote on Reddit: “Today, my husband and I were grilling some meat in the backyard. The baby was hungry so I started to breastfeed.

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She asked Reddit users what they thought about the situation, and many argued that the neighbours were acting badly.

One wrote: “This is not your problem. It sucks for them but are you really going to stop being a mum at certain viewpoints because they can’t have a baby? She needs to stop looking at your home.”

Another added: “I will say her behaviour is really concerning and just reading about how she watches you made me uncomfortable. I would keep my guard up around her because she doesn’t seem like a stable person.”

A third commented: “This is entirely a them problem, not a you problem.”


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