Musk will let Trump back on Twitter according to US political expert


    Elon Musk will allow Donald Trump back on Twitter for commercial reasons, according to a US political expert. Speaking to Simon Dolan, author of Trump the Hidden Halo, said that Mr Musk will be “beholden” to the financial institutions who allowed to him to buy the social media giant.

    The former racing driver went on to argue that although he believes that the Tesla owner has a genuine interest in free speech this could be challenged by commercial realities.

    Mr Dolan also added that free speech was a vital part of western civilisation.

    He said: “I think it is more important than democracy.

    “Freedom of speech is the keystone of the entire Western Civilisation.

    “The moment you get rid of it, all hell breaks lose.

    “We have seen this happen many times in the 20th Century – it never ends any differently.

    “Whether Trump is on Twitter or not really isn’t the point, the broader question is, is it a good thing that political opponents (or indeed The President of the United States as he was at the time), be silenced , by any platform?

    “If you believe that to be true then you have to accept that the very same thing will undoubtedly happen to ‘your side’ at some stage.”

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    “I think it likely we will see the biggest wealth wipeout in history over this next year.

    “Look at Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Mao in China to list just the most recent examples.

    “All opposing views were shut down with the threat of violence and of course actual violence, murder and all sorts of the worst atrocities of man.

    “With social media being run by algorithms which only provide you with content it thinks you will ‘like’ we have already seen society become more and more divisive and extreme.

    “Human nature doesn’t change – unless we talk to each other and share differing views and ideas, war and or totalitarianism will surely follow just as it always has.”


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