'Nervous' Prince Harry 'hustling' to cut book items over backlash fears after Queen death


    Prince Harry is reportedly rushing to make last-minute changes to his memoir over fears of backlash from the Royal Family. The Duke of Sussex is expected to release a tell-all memoir divulging bombshells around the Royal Family around Christmas. But the Queen’s recent death on September 8 and his father’s rise to the throne have prompted Harry to tone down damning parts of the book, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed.

    The ToDiForDaily founded told GB News: “What we’re hearing is that he is nervous. 

    “He’s afraid that he’ll come off insensitive, and he’s afraid that there will be backlash if he releases some of these stories right after the death of Queen Elizabeth and as his father King Charles is trying to start his reign on a high note.

    “So, we’re being told that he is hustling, trying to get some items removed, trying to work around some of the stories he’s told in his book. 

    However, Ms Schofield said editing the book might come too little too late “if he really does want that fall release date close to Christmas to get that Christmas rush. 

    “Those pages might already be on the printer. 

    “So, I think that’s really interesting that we’re hearing that. I don’t know if I anticipated that. 

    “I really thought that he’d pull the book entirely after last week. I was really hoping that he’d go in that direction.”

    The Queen’s death in early September has been a game changer for Prince Harry who was intending to move ahead with a bombshell tell-all memoir in its current form.

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