Nicola Sturgeon keeps Scottish areas in ‘limbo’ despite vaccination and Covid rates

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The First Minister announced this week that the majority of Scotland’s central belt will remain in Level 2 restrictions – cancelling plans to move into Level 1 next week. Ms Sturgeon said there would be a “slight slowing down” in the lifting of lockdown rules in the devolved nation amid the spread of the Indian variant. The move will see 13 council areas held back and Glasgow will finally be allowed to move into Level 2.

Ms Sturgeon explained that the halt in easing restrictions was needed to make sure people receive their second vaccine dose before any further re-openings.

However, analysis by the Telegraph – which suggested the First Minister is keeping areas in “limbo” – indicated that in the council zones restricted from entering Level 1 this week, 75 percent of those aged 50 or over have already been fully vaccinated.

According to experts, those aged 50 or over are considered to be in the most vulnerable age groups.

The publication added that more than seven in 10 Scottish people who have underlying health conditions also have both doses of a COVID-19 jab.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to meet Ms Sturgeon today in a virtual four-nations summit to discuss the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Mr Johnson said he saw “nothing in the data” to suggest England’s easing of lockdown on June 21 could not go ahead.
Ms Sturgeon has said the UK is at a “delicate and fragile point”.

She added: “Because not all adults have been fully vaccinated with two doses to date, we are not quite there yet.

“All of this means that at this critical stage, to avoid being knocked off course completely, we must still err on the side of caution.”

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