Nicola will be rubbing hands with glee! UK election watchdog could skirt Boris on indyref2


    The new chairman John Pullinger said they could have independent discussions with Scottish Government officials to bring forward a vote even if the move is opposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mr Pullinger said the discussions would take place if Edinburgh wanted “something to be done that helps them with their democracy”.

    The vote would be non-binding but Mr Pullinger comments could put the independent electoral watchdog on a collision course with London after Mr Johnson said plans were a second vote was “reckless” and ruled a referendum out.

    UK Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove also said this week that he “can’t see” Boris Johnson agreeing to another vote before the next general election, adding it is “reckless” to discuss the issue while the country is still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.

    Making the remarks to the Telegraph, the chairman of Britain’s elections regulator, added: “The UK Electoral Commission is also the electoral commission specifically for Scotland and Wales.

    “We have a direct reporting line to Scotland and Wales.

    “And, as of April this year, we are directly funded by Scotland and Wales too.

    “If the Parliament in Scotland is wanting something to be done that helps them with their democracy, we will have an independent discussion with them about whether it’s appropriate for the commission to support that.”

    When asked if the Commission was ready to facilitate a referendum, he said: “Yes, we are ready.

    “We have a way of standing up the right teams and the right support structures that would build on what happened last time.”

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    The Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, published in March, stipulates the next Scottish Parliament should decide the timing of any referendum.

    The draft bill states the question asked should be the same as at the 2014 referendum – “Should Scotland be an independent country?”.

    Under the proposed legislation, it would also extend voting eligibility to match the franchise at Scottish Parliament and local government elections, which is age 16.

    The Scottish Government today said the First Minister was “focused first on tackling the coronavirus pandemic” but stressed a vote could not be prevented

    Refusing to be drawn on reference to a non-binding referendum, the source added: “The First Minister and her Cabinet have made clear the Tories cannot deny the people of Scotland their right to choose their future.

    “But our priorities first and foremost is tackling the coronavirus pandemic.”

    A UK Government source said: “We have set out our position to for a second independence referendum, now is not the time for another divisive vote.”


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