Novak Djokovic details worrying development in injury suffered at Laver Cup


    But Djokovic added that he doesn’t expect the issue with his wrist to hamper his upcoming schedule, confirming he still plans to play the Tel Aviv Open next week. “The goal is to try to make the Turin,” he said.

    “I’m in a good position, but, you know, still I think 15 or 16 on the race. You’ve got to be top 20 as a Grand Slam winner. That’s the rule in order to make cut and qualify for Turin.

    “I will play Tel Aviv next week and play a 500 in Kazakhstan, and then the schedule was to play Bercy and Turin. So let’s see if it stays this way or something changes. But, you know, my thoughts are obviously the next few weeks and then I will take it from there.”


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