'People like you are selfish!' Woman faces backlash for ultimate revenge against neighbour


    TikTokker @unbewreathable has shared an anecdote with her fans about how her neighbour tried to steal a large portion of her garden by building a fence through it. She then went on to reveal what she did to avenge the rude neighbour.

    TikTok user @unbewreathable explained how she politely asked the neighbour to move the new fence back to the property line.

    However, they refused, despite essentially trespassing onto another person’s property.

    This sparked a row between the two homeowners, until a stalemate was reached.

    The TikTokker then decided to take matters into her own hands and took the fence down herself.

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    The video was shared with the caption: “My neighbour’s fence is on our property…we’ve asked them to partner with us to correct it…they refused…so here we are.”

    Follow-up videos showed a significant amount of the garden had been taken over by the neighbour, with a new fence later installed along the original property lines.

    The TikTokker continued: “The property lines are exactly where they are supposed to be.

    “Those saying ‘oh I would’ve taken a free fence’, would you also take depreciation on your properties? Sometimes boundaries have to be established.”

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    Comments on the video were mixed, with some fans praising the woman and expressing shock at the neighbour’s selfishness.

    One person wrote: “Normalise not allowing your neighbours to run over you for easing tension.”

    Another commented: “If their fence stays there, they gain that property.”

    One TikTok user said: “If they allow the neighbours to fence that property, it becomes their property. The one taking it down loses equity.”

    One person wrote: “I can’t believe they had it that far over on your property.”

    Another said: “I get that they wanted the fence straight for aesthetic reasons, but that was a lot of land in the back there that they tried to claim.”

    One commenter praised the woman, saying: “You handled this with grace and it looks amazing.”

    However, others believed the woman’s actions were a little over the top. One person said: “They are good neighbours. Wish I got a free fence.”

    Another wrote: “People like you are so selfish and impossible to deal with.” One person added: “Oh, you’re a Karen [a term used to describe those who complain].”


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