Petrol and diesel suppliers 'knowingly ripped off' drivers during coronavirus pandemic

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New data from the RAC has shown fuel retailers were profiteering from the crisis with experts warning costs were still too high. Wholesale oil costs have increased in recent months but by not as much as pump prices across the UK would suggest.

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK said it was “scandalous” firms would consider exploiting customers in a national crisis.

He said: “It is worse than stomach-churning that the fuel supply chain has knowingly used Covid to rip off UK’s 37m drivers.

“To exploit a national crisis and screw the world’s highest-taxed drivers, to line their pockets is scandalous.

“For decades, wholesalers have ripped off drivers at will, but this time they have reached a new low.

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The RAC urged retailers to take advantage” of drivers and to “fairly reflect” wholesale prices.

The experts said costs should not be continuing to rise and suggested there was the potential for major discounts,

Specialists hinted petrol could drop by around 2p while diesel was still around 4p too expensive.

The RAC said future fuel prices were hard to predict more than a few weeks in advance.

He added: “When oil prices rise and fall, millions of drivers have absolutely no idea what they will subsequently pay at the pumps.

“It is never, ever the same price! FairFuelUK renews The Fair Fuel APPG for Motorists and Hauliers 2019 unfulfilled call for the introduction of an independent Pump Pricing watchdog.

“It is vital that such a body is endorsed by the Government, with petrol, diesel and Autogas wholesale prices movements made transparent and published daily.”

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