Piers Morgan shuts down SNP's Ian Blackford during Sturgeon Tory probe


    However, Morgan was adamant to get a straight answer from Blackford and quipped: “I understand that, but was your boss wrong to use such an inflammatory rhetoric?

    “And let me point out that today is the year anniversary since a conservative MP was murdered. Second MP to be murdered in five years.”

    Blackford continued to dodge the probe that Morgan was trying to jibe at, with the latter repeating the question multiple times.

    Blackford eventually answered: “I think it is appropriate, people will behave in their own way. I will point out the damage.”

    Noticing that he wasn’t going to give a straight answer, Piers jibed: “You clearly think that she was wrong? She wasn’t wrong? You’re tieing yourself in a knot here,” as Blackford scrambled for an explanation.

    “The Tories have done enormous damage to Scotland, I have given you that example, I detest the impact of Tory policies,” Blackford ended.

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