Police form 'ring of steel' around COP26 complex as protesters target Glasgow summit



    Approximately 10,000 police officers have formed a protective ring around the city as world leaders descend on the event. Over the next 12 days, multiple protest groups from around the world are expected to travel to Glasgow. Indeed, high-profile activist Greta Thunberg arrived at the event on Sunday while Extinction Rebellion were also out in force.

    Commenting on the situation, ITV’s journalist Juliet Dunlop claimed the security operation in Glasgow has been labelled as the “most complex” ever to be done in Scotland.

    She also claimed up to 1,000 armed police will patrol Glasgow over the course of the summit.

    A tweet from Good Morning Britain which accompanied Ms Dunlop’s report, read: “10,000 police have formed a ring of steel around Glasgow & the COP26 complex.

    “But the summit is likely to draw in protest groups from across the world.

    “Extinction Rebellion already took to the streets yesterday & Greta Thunberg got a rockstar welcome when she arrived in Glasgow.”

    Greta arrived in Glasgow on Saturday to take part in the demonstration across the city.

    Joining other climate activists in Glasgow, Greta piled on the pressure for world leaders to agree to keeping global warming below 1.5C.

    She also called on the world to show more responsibility in demonstrating against climate change.

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    The Prime Minister added: “Currently, let’s be in no doubt, we are not going to hit it and we have to be honest with ourselves.”

    Ahead of the summit, key countries such as China and Saudia Arabia had only formally pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2060.

    Commenting on the prospect of a deal, Mr Johnson said: “It’s nip and tuck, it’s touch and go. We could do it, or we could fail by the middle of November.”

    In a speech, he also claimed some countries are not doing enough to tackle climate change despite being some of the highest contributors to the issue.

    “The countries most responsible for historical and present day emissions are not yet doing their fair share of the work.

    “If we are going to prevent Cop26 from being a failure, then that must change and I must be clear, that if Glasgow fails then the whole thing fails.

    “The Paris agreement will have crumpled at the first reckoning.”

    Negotiators will work on text throughout the summit.

    It is hoped countries will come to an agreement by November 12, which may see the Prime Minister return if a deal is close.


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