Police to clamp down on 'worryingly high' number of uninsured drivers across UK this week


    Between November 15 and 21, all 45 UK police forces will be looking out to cut down on uninsured drivers and protect road users. So far this year, over 100,000 uninsured drivers have had their vehicle seized.

    The week-long campaign has been developed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the NPCC’s National Roads Policing Operations, Intelligence and Investigations (NRPOII) group.

    The MIB is a not-for-profit organisation that compensates victims of uninsured and hit-and-run drivers and has supported over 26,000 injured victims in 2020 – equating to one injury every 20 minutes.

    MIB data also shows that uninsured drivers often commit wider range crime, ranging from hit and runs, using a stolen vehicle and drink driving.

    It will see an increase in roads policing activity to detect and seize uninsured vehicles.

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    During the week of action, Police Officers will access MIB’s Motor Insurance Database (MID) – a central record of live UK motor insurance policies – to see if motorists’ licence plates show their vehicle as insured.

    If the validity of insurance is disputed by the driver, the MIB will liaise in real-time with the insurer in question to confirm if the vehicle has valid insurance.

    The MIB estimate that collisions caused by uninsured and hit-and-run drivers could cost the economy nearly £2billion a year in emergency services, medical care, loss of productivity and property damage.

    They also estimate that compensating victims of uninsured drivers costs around £400million.

    Jo Shiner, Chief Constable at Sussex Police and NPCC Lead for Roads Policing, praised the efforts being made to cut down on uninsured drivers.

    She said: “Police officers take action against the users of uninsured vehicles every day, this national week of action really highlights how we work with all of our partners to take these vehicles off the road and prosecute offenders.

    “We know those who are unwilling to insure their vehicles present more risk to other road users than those who do insure their vehicles.

    “We have sophisticated systems to help identify offenders and we will use all of our powers to take appropriate action against offenders and make our roads safer.”

    The worst affected areas tend to be larger cities, like Greater London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford.

    If caught, uninsured drivers will likely have their vehicle seized and it could even get crushed.

    They would also face a fixed penalty notice fine of £300 and receive six points on their licence.

    In some circumstances, uninsured motorists may be required to appear in court and receive an unlimited fine or a driving ban.


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