Priest is called to bless Glasgow house after sightings of 'black ghostly figure' on CCTV


    Glaswegian mother Maxine Hughes spotted the dark figure twice on CCTV footage of her garden. She was so afraid of the figure that she called on the support of a local priest. Ms Hughes’ sister then shared the CCTV footage on Facebook.

    Visible on the CCTV imagery can be seen a black figure standing still.

    The mysterious figure then begins moving across the screen from right to left.

    The black figure then vanishes out of shot near Ms Hughes’ caravan which is parked in the front drive.

    After a few moments the black figure comes into sight again, this time it stays for a short period only to disappear again.

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    “We even had a priest out the other day to bless the house.

    “I sent it to my sister and asked what it was.

    “I choose my sister because she is into spooky stuff.”

    Ms Hughes’ partner’s son, who also lives in their house, felt very afraid of the mysterious sightings of the black figure.

    However, Ms Maxine has reassured him that there was “nothing to worry about” because a priest had blessed her home.

    A neighbour who lives on the same street, called Debbie Meiklejohn, spotted the clip on Facebook, and also became afraid, she then claimed that she had witnessed a “horse with human legs”.

    She said: “This second video has totally freaked the whole street out and it’s in full form now.

    “It appears then disappears on the right side but in a shape of a horse and human legs.”


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