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Prince Charles honours late father Philip with Royal Navy nod during poignant anniversary



ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship discusses Prince Charles’ recent nod to his father Prince Philip’s maritime and naval history on the latest episode of Royal Rota. The Prince of Wales recently visited a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) ship that had been named in the late Duke of Edinburgh’s honour. The vessel was christened Magpie after the Duke of Edinburgh’s fist command as a young officer in the Royal Navy.

Mr Ship told the ITV podcast: “There is a particular anniversary date because they have come up with this name today, because this was the day 71 years ago in 1950 that he took commands, assumed command of his first Royal Navy ship.

“HMS Magpie, his first sea going command in the Royal Navy,”  added producer Lizzie Robinson. 

“So a very fitting day and a fitting tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh.”

“Also his son, the Prince of Wales, when he was obviously down on this boat seeing it being built recently, screwed on a tiny little nod to his father.

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“A little plaque, very small plaque with a magpie symbol on it.

“Just to say, you know this is a nod to my father’s maritime history.”

The RNLI had planned to name the boat after Prince Philip to celebrate his 100th birthday in June.

Tragically the Duke of Edinburgh passed away before being able to see the vessel in action.


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