Prince Charles told to 'wean' most of Royal Family off public money after becoming king


    Graham Smith told that he expects the Royal Family to be slimmed down to just Prince Charles, Prince William and their spouses when the Duke of Cornwall replaces Queen Elizabeth II on the throne. Republic is an organisation that campaigns for the monarchy to be abolished and the Queen to be replaced by an elected, democratic head of state.

    Mr Smith said: “I think that what is going to happen is that when the Queen is gone, it will just be Charles, William and their spouses.

    “The others will still be there in the background, to what extent Charles will be able to wean the others of public subsidy, we will have to wait and see.

    “It is going to be whittled down anyway because there are fewer of them.

    “The Queen had four children, a sister and various cousins.

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    “Charles’ siblings are of a similar age and they will be happy to go into retirement I imagine.

    “He only had two sons, one of which has quit the Palace so it is already slimmed down.”

    The CEO of Republic added: “It does not really matter because I can guarantee if they slim it down the cost will absolutely be unchanged or it will only go up regardless of how many of them there are.

    “Most of them do not do an awful lot anyway.”

    Mr Fitzwilliams added: “It benefits Britain financially in several other ways, through tourism, the benefits from royal trips abroad to British business and the interest from the international media is simply vast, something Republic cannot ever explain.

    “The monarchy is Britain’s greatest soft power asset.”

    A YouGov poll in March 2021, found that Prince William was the most popular choice for the UK’s next head of state.

    Despite being first in line to the throne, Prince Charles ranked behind David Attenborough and Boris Johnson in the poll as well as receiving the same level of support as Stephen Frey.


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