Prince Harry and Meghan's 'flawed' plan exposed – Royal fans 'don't dig that deep'

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Prince Harry, 36, has hit out at the Royal Family in numerous interviews but when speaking to Oprah Winfrey with Meghan Markle, the couple did not say anything negative about the Queen. Historian and writer Tessa Dunlop has said this is a “flaw” because as the Sussexes have criticised the monarchy, they “fail to recognise” that the Queen is the monarchy. She went on to suggest that royal fans will hopefully not “dig that deep.”

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mail+, Ms Dunlop said: “There is a regrettable flaw in their thesis where they constantly say, ‘we love the Queen’ and fail to recognise she is the personification, the embodiment of all that the monarchy is and does.

“It doesn’t work that idea of separating her from the institution.

“Harry himself drew attention to it when he said it wasn’t just the way his father parented him but the way his father had been parented.

“They are the product of the Queen’s vision, that’s unfortunate.

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“Let’s hope the most superficial fans of Megxit, Harry and Meghan and the Royal Family don’t dig that deep.”

The Queen is said to be “very nervous” about what Harry will say next.

Speaking to Channel 5 documentary, royal expert Julie Montagu discussed the Duke of Sussex’s latest appearances.

She claimed that it’s going to get “bigger and bigger”.

Harry’s Archewell website said the programme would begin to answer the question: “Where do we go from here?”

In the series broadcast last week, the duke lambasted the parenting skills of his father the Prince of Wales.

He criticised Charles for expecting his sons to endure the pressures of royal life, and accused his family of “total neglect” when his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, was feeling suicidal amid harassment on social media.

The duke’s future relationship with his father, brother the Duke of Cambridge and the rest of the Windsors has been brought into question following his frank remarks and his and Meghan’s bombshell sit-down interview with Winfrey earlier in the year.

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