Prince Harry is told ‘Diana would have been so proud of him' during video call


    Prince Harry was visibly touched when he was told “Diana would have been so proud” during a video call. The Duke of Sussex was speaking to winners of the WellChild awards over video from his California mansion and apologised for not being able to attend the awards in person.

    Evelyn Rodger, a Diana Children’s Nurse with Children’s Hospices Across Scotland, received one of the professional awards.

    Her role is funded by a memorial fund set up in honour of Harry’s late mother.

    She told him: “I think your mum would be very proud of what that money has achieved and I also think, as a mum, she’d be very proud of you Harry.”

    Harry looked visibly moved and replied: “That’s very sweet.”

    The Duke also shared some insights into his personal life with wife Meghan Markle, children Archie and Lilibet and their three rescue dogs.

    Harry spent some time chatting with four-year-old Henry Waines from Bridlington, East Riding, who won the inspirational child aged four to seven category.

    The young boy asked the duke: “How are Archie and Lilibet doing?”

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    Harry said: “We all need a dog that keeps us calm. I’ve got three in this house now. We basically have five children.

    “I’ve got a black labrador called Pula, a rescue beagle called Guy and we got another rescue beagle called Mia and, between the three of them, they charge around chasing the squirrels and causing all sorts of problems to us every single day.

    “But they are also emotional support dogs, 100 percent – when they’re behaving.”


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