Prince Harry 'wanted one last laugh' on final engagement before rift with William deepened


    Prince Harry’s comments on Charles discussed by McAndrew

    Since quitting the Firm, 36-year-old Prince Harry’s opinions about his family have been non-stop. Recently his brother, Prince William, was said to have been confused as to why Harry keeps coming for him and his father, Prince Charles. The Duke of Sussex has openly discussed his life as a royal and strongly believes that both William and Charles are “trapped” in the system of monarchy. Reports of a rift between Diana, Princess of Wales’s children first began in 2018, when William appeared to have snubbed Meghan Markle during a family Christmas walk in Sandringham.

    The rift was even more apparent when both princes attended their grandfather Prince Phillip’s funeral where the Duchess of Cambridge tried to bring peace.

    In March 2020, just before making their exit, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    According to body language expert Judi James, Harry appeared to be “stiff” when his older brother was in his presence but relaxed once he had left.

    When asked about the body language of the young royals at the event, Ms James said: “I think the last appearance they made was very telling.

    Prince Harry at a school speaking with children

    Prince Harry at a school speaking with children (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    Prince William and Prince Harry in military outfits

    Prince William and Prince Harry in military outfits (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    “I think he suddenly realised that this was the last public appearance that he was going to make.

    “William and Kate had just left, and he and Meghan had been very, head down, subdued, while they were there.

    “But suddenly as their car went off, you suddenly saw Harry become animated and fun again.

    “He was laughing and joking with the people on the way out, and he was very tactile.

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    Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor infographic

    Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor infographic (Image: EXPRESS )

    The Cambridge's and the Sussexes at the Commonwealth Day Service event

    The Cambridges and the Sussexes at the Commonwealth Day Service event (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    “And I think as he was walking towards the car, he suddenly wanted to do a lap of honour – it was as though he wanted one last laugh and a bit of a joke.”

    While reviewing the footage in an episode of podcast Pod Save the Queen last year, Ms James also felt as though “Meghan appeared to usher” Harry forward in a “come on let’s go” type of fashion and that she believes that the Duke must “have had regrets”.

    Ms James continued: “I think he must have had regrets, but it’s a bit like anything that we do, it’s a bit like, ‘I can’t decide what to do, whether to put a bet on this hand or not’.

    “But once you’ve made that decision, the relief is tangible.

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    Prince Harry smiling with some school children in a music class

    Prince Harry smiling with some school children in a music class (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    Prince Harry raising his hands and wears a black t-shirt

    Prince Harry raising his hands and wearing a black t-shirt (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    “And I think that’s where we saw the old Harry coming back again.”

    She continued: “I hope, hope, hope for his sake that Hollywood Harry works ok.

    “He is going to be pretty isolated – his gang, his crowd won’t be there with him.

    “He’s going to have to prove himself again in a slightly more intellectual and superficial world that he might struggle with.”

    Prince Harry with his ex girlfriend of seven years Chelsy Davy

    Prince Harry with his ex-girlfriend of seven years Chelsy Davy (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    However, it is not the first time that there has been a royal rift among siblings in the Firm.

    In Netflix’s documentary ‘Elizabeth & Margaret: Love & Loyalty’ royal biographer to Princess Margaret, Christopher Warwick explained that as young sisters Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret got on for the most part but also had arguments and sometimes fist fights.

    Mr Warwick said: “There would be fisty cuffs.

    “Princess Margaret was small enough to go under Elizabeth and grab her hand or something.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in public with baby Archie

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in public with baby Archie (Image: GETTY IMAGES )

    “They were two normal girls and they had their jealousy and rivalry.

    “Princess Elizabeth would sometimes say ‘Margaret always wants what I want.’”

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