Prince William and Kate must avoid all scandals as it is 'IMPOSSIBLE' to hide now

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Royal expert Bob Morris reflected on the future of the Royal Family and what this will mean for Prince William and Kate the Duchess of Cambridge. While speaking to, he warned that it would be impossible to hide any future scandals due to the keen interest and media frenzy surrounding the monarchy. He added the pair would have to remain politically impartial to keep the public on side as well.

Mr Morris said: “The Royal Family has done this by behaving absolutely impartially politically.

“Also by undertaking and developing the welfare and service wells that they have done for many decades.

“Political neutrality is the absolute basis of all this, that is the bassline for their life.

“They must also try to avoid scandals because although in the past the royals could behave badly, that is impossible now.

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“It is impossible in terms of the intense media fascination and their lives will continue to be very closely scrutinised.

“They will be caught in very difficult trap where on the one hand they are expected to be perfect individuals and on the other they are humans.

“These things have to be understood more clemently than perhaps the media always accepts.”

The royal expert added that he believed that William and Kate would fit into their role brilliantly regardless, however.

Prince William and Kate have been praised for their ability to keep the public interested in the Royal Family.

In addition to this, the pair have been commended for sharing a glimpse into their family life as they attempt to move the monarchy forward.

This was most recently displayed in the pair’s decision to launch a Youtube channel where they can share the content they feel is important to them.

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