Princess Anne's 'reputation for banter' laid bare after she blasted fans to 'get away!'


    Two royal fans revisited their surprise encounter with the Princess Royal and her reaction to their approach. The women had been finishing work in Malton, North Yorkshire, when they spotted a helicopter landing nearby.

    Mission: Impossible was being filmed in the area – so the women presumed the helicopter was transporting movie star Tom Cruise.

    But, after taking pursuit of the chopper, they recognised the royal insignia on the side.

    Moments later, Princess Anne exited an arriving 4×4.

    One of the women told the Independent: “Emma and I, we adore the Royal Family so we couldn’t miss it.

    “We pulled up and parked the car and ran to where the helicopter was landing but there was only the pilot.

    “We then started to talk to some security guy and they wouldn’t tell us who it was but he eventually said someone would be arriving in 45 minutes.”

    She added: “As soon as she got out she asked if we were going to play football as I was wearing trainers and a sweatshirt.

    ”We told her we were there to see her and she said ‘do get away’. She had a cheeky grin and we laughed and I cried.”

    But the woman explained that the Princess Royal has “a reputation for banter, so of course I would banter with Princess Anne. She was so lovely.”

    Princess Anne, 70, is said to be helping “mend the fallout from recent family traumas” alongside Prince William and the Queen.

    A body language expert has claimed that the Monarch’s daughter has supported Her Majesty throughout the turmoil sparked by Prince Harry’s latest claims in his new Apple TV+ series with Oprah Winfrey.

    Judi James told “Like the Queen, William seems to intrinsically understand that, with the pandemic causing ongoing disruption and distress to all our lives, one core role of the monarchy is to appear looking strong and resilient and to go about cheering up people like 96-year-old Betty here by making her day with a bit of flirting.”

    About Princess Anne’s use of humour with royal fans, the expert added: “Princess Anne is obviously on board with the concept too, exchanging the kind of banter her father was famous for with some fans yesterday.”


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