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'PUFAs' can reduce your dementia risk by whopping 60% – doctor on food sources


However, the same research warned that these effects don’t extend to fried white fish which means that battered cod or haddock are off the table.

Furthermore, Dr Lee noted that even up-to-date research still highlights significant improvements in cognition.

She said: “In a 2022 study of 57 elderly who scored a minimum of 22 on the mini-mental state examination (a level of 24 or below suggests mild cognitive impairment), were randomised into two groups – one group was given canned pilchards and fish paste every week (2.2 g of omega-3 PUFA per day), while the other group were given canned meatballs and texturised soya. 

“After 12 weeks, the fish group had a significantly improved cognitive abilities score compared to the control group.”


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