Putin losing propaganda war as Moscow residents rage at generals with 's**t for brains'


    A series of quick-fire interviews with Moscow residents appeared to show that Vladimir Putin’s propagandists are losing their grip over the population. The Russian civilians asked for their views on the invasion of Ukraine and claimed that they did not think the war was going to plan. And one Russian civilian slammed Putin and his generals for having “s**t for brains”. The Russian president has been trying to control the state media news narrative on the illegal invasion since before the beginning of the onslaught.

    One Russian civilian said: “I don’t think it’s going to plan.

    “It hasn’t been from the very beginning because Kyiv wasn’t taken in three days and there was no (Russian) military parade there.”

    Another man added: “It’s mostly not going according to plan. I realised that right away, but no one asked for our opinion.”

    A Russian woman commented: “It’s not going according to the plan, I’m sure of that. Our troops are retreating (Ukraine is) attacking.”

    Another Russian man declared: “After we retreated from Kyiv? Our generals have s**t for brains if you’ll forgive me.”

    A Russian citizen vocalised: “I think it’s all going according to plan, they’re just sparing the civilians.”

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    Another citizen said: “I don’t think it’s our business to discuss that, I think there are smart people higher up who know what they’re doing.”

    A Russian couple said: “Who can say, ask Vladimir Putin about that, I think it’s going according to plan.”

    Another person added: “Yes, if the plan was to destroy Russia, I’ve just been to a metro store half of the products are missing, it’ll probably be shut down soon, and we’ll all be shut down, too. 

    “There will be only Putin left in his bunker.”

    Another Russian laded claimed: “Of course, it’s not going according to plan, the country should have been prepared for the war.”

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    Before the beginning of the Russian onslaught, Putin had been ramping up control of information channels in Russia.

    His state media channels have been pumping out disinformation about the West and Putin has even banned social media platforms such as Tiktok, Meta, Twitter and various other independent sites making it even harder for Russian citizens to hear anything alternative.

    Putin even refused to call the illegal invasion a war and instead has been forcing state media channels to refer to it as a special operation.

    The new face of the anti-Kremlin movement Dmitry Palyugan, a Russian deputy from the St Petersburgh municipal is trying to get Russian civilians to back and support an appeal to the State Duma. 


    The appeal is to try and force Russian dictator Vladimir Putin out of power.

    Mr Palyuga said: “We want to unite people from different groups because we have three large groups of people. 

    “The small one is pro-war. The other small one is anti-war. And the biggest one is people who are just waiting for who will win. 

    “They don’t really have any opinion. They don’t trust anyone. That’s how Putin’s propaganda works.”



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