Putin's envoy topples Russian nuclear threat with clear admission 'Can't be won'


    Amid swathes of thinly-veiled nuclear threats from Vladimir Putin, the Russian Ambassador has defied the Kremlin to assert Moscow has no plans to launch a nuclear war. The news comes after global powers were put on high alert for a possible nuclear strike within Ukraine after Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported of unfounded claims surrounding a supposed “dirty bomb” plot. Russian diplomat Andrei Kelin declared the West should have “every assurance” that the Kremlin would not trigger an international nuclear dispute.

    During an exclusive interview with Sky News, Mr Kelin accused the West of “encouraging provocations with weapons of mass destruction”.

    However, he went on to contrast the Kremlin’s previous hints of a nuclear retaliation over NATO’s intervention in Ukraine.

    The Russian Ambassador to the UK said: “The nuclear war cannot be won and it should never be fought and we stick strongly to this statement.”

    President Putin has previously declared he was willing to use “all weapon systems available” to defend Kremin interests.

    Asked if Moscow would deploy a tactical nuclear weapon to further the invasion effort within Ukraine, the Russian diplomat asserted this was not a strategy that would be considered by the Kremlin. 

    Mr Kelin replied: “No. The world has every assurance that Russia is not going to use [a] tactical nuclear weapon in [the] Ukrainian conflict.”

    Speaking at a defence conference in Russia just last week, Vladimir Putin declared: “We have never said anything proactively about Russia potentially using nuclear weapons. All we did was hint in response to statements made by Western leaders.”

    The Russian President has repeatedly suggested that any Kremlin discussion of a potential nuclear conflict has been fueled by the threat of Western attacks on Moscow.

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