Putin's savage new commander in Ukraine is a 'clear signal' to West of 'ominious' plan


    Notorious for opening fire on pro-democracy protesters and for his use of chemical weapons in Syria, Sergei Surovikin was appointed as commander of the Ukraine war on Monday. The new appointment came on the same day the Kremlin launched devastating early morning missile strikes on Kyiv. 

    Mr General Surovikin is a veteran commander who led the Russian military expedition in Syria in 2017. 

    During that time, he was accused of using “controversial” tactics including indiscriminate bombing against anti-government fighters.

    The brutal bombing of Ukraine’s capital earlier this week has been linked to the tactics previously executed by Surovikin. 

    The 55-year-old military veteran also served in the Soviet Union’s war with Afghanistan during the 1980s. 

    He is also known for ordering troops to shoot pro-democracy protesters in Moscow, when three people were killed just three days before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    He went on to lead Russian forces’ intervention during the Syrian War in 2017.

    The controversial appointment is a clear signal to Ukraine and the West, experts have claimed. 

    Military analyst Forbes McKenzie, head of McKenzie Intelligence, told Sky News the main reason for his appointment was Gen Surovikin’s “brand”.

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