Queen Consort Camilla and Princess Anne hint at 'bonding' in stunning new royal photo


    The Queen Consort and the Princess Royal show a hint of “some bonding” in a new royal photo, according to a body language expert. A stunning new snap of Camilla and Princess Anne alongside King Charles, Prince Edward and the Duke of Gloucester was released last night.

    Body language expert Judi James pointed out how Camilla is leaning towards her sister-in-law Anne in the picture suggesting their closeness. 

    Meanwhile, Ms James also highlighted how the Queen Consort is the “central focus” of the photo and suggested she is taking the place the late Queen would have done.

    Ms James told Express.co.uk: “Camilla is, unusually, the central focus of this royal pose, being placed in the middle with the other royals part-turning in to face her and wearing purple velvet, a famously regal combination, while the others are in plain monochromes.

    “She also stands to attention, with her arms straight to her sides and her feet slightly apart, and in many ways she has taken the role in the line-up that the late Queen would normally have taken.

    “This looks very much like a promotion for Camilla and there is another first too.

    “Instead of tilting her head and her pose towards her husband as she usually does in the role of Consort, it is Anne she tilts her head towards, suggesting some bonding with her sister-in-law.”

    Referring to Camilla’s former husband Andrew Parker Bowles, Ms James added: “The two women share a romantic history in the shape of Camilla’s ex-husband but instead of any signals of animosity they do seem to have developed a friendship over the years and this pose seems to confirm that.”

    The photo was taken by Chris Jackson as the royals hosted Olympic and Paralympic medallists at a Buckingham Palace reception on Wednesday.

    Sporting stars who won gold, silver and bronze at Tokyo 2020 and the Beijing 2022 Winter Games were welcomed by Charles and Camilla.

    The monarch and his wife were joined by the Earl of Wessex, who is the patron of the British Paralympic Association, and the Princess Royal, president of the British Olympic Association, and the Duke of Gloucester.

    The snap was released after the reception attended by around 150 sporting stars.

    It comes after royal expert Angela Levin, author of Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, said Charles’s sister Anne and former royal mistress Camilla have got on better over the years.

    She said: “She didn’t get on particularly well, or at all, with Diana, but she didn’t get on with Camilla either.

    “Anne, of course, went out with Andrew Parker Bowles, who married Camilla, so they had similar a taste there.

    “But over time they got close, she sees now how hard Camilla has worked, she sees how much happier and stronger and more accessible Charles is and they now get on very well.”


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