Queen 'devastated' as monarch fears Prince Harry can't reconcile with Royal Family

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Royal commentator Charlie Rae said the Queen was devastated about the turmoil within the Royal Family. While speaking to Kevin O’Sullivan on TalkRadio, Mr Rae claimed the Queen was well aware of the rift between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William and father Prince Charles. Mr O’Sullivan also reflected on the current heartache the Queen must be feeling after losing her husband Prince Philip.

He said: “What about the effect on the Queen right now.

“We heard about a piece last week about how devastated the Queen is by the charges that Harry keeps levelling against her and the family from over there in California.

“She is very upset, obviously distraught that Prince Philip is dead, poor old girl, she is 95 years old and now she is having to deal with her own heartache about what her own grandson is up to.

Mr Rae added the Queen was wary of whether the family relationship would be repaired.

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He said: “Yes the Queen has got heartache and I think she feels desperately sad by the whole thing.

“But you have also got to remember there is a rift between Harry and his brother and father.

“It is a great cause of concern for the Queen as well as it is for William and Charles.

“There doesn’t seem to be a way to mend the hurt that has gone on.”

“I didn’t see anything, I know there were a couple of Royal Family members that didn’t bother talking to him, but what would you expect.

“I thought, on the whole, he got treated reasonably well when he was over here.

“I mean, it was a funeral, you couldn’t come out all-singing and all-dancing.”

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