Queen Elizabeth only broke royal tradition for 'close friend' Sophie Wessex – shows 'bond'


    The late Queen Elizabeth II was incredibly dutiful and took her role as the sovereign incredibly seriously. There are a lot of traditions and rules that the Royal Family abides by, especially when it came to the late monarch.

    Sometimes, however, tradition is broken for a very special reason and the late Queen’s gesture of concern for Sophie, Countess of Wessex is one example.

    Queen Elizabeth did not typically visit members of her family when they were in hospital but she made an exception in 2003 after Sophie gave birth to her oldest child, Lady Louise Windsor.

    Her mother-in-law must have been concerned, as she chose to visit Sophie at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

    It was a worrying time, as the new mother had a traumatic birth, needing an emergency caesarean a month before her due date, with fears that she might not survive.

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    The act of kindness may also have been in part because Sophie and Louise had to be separated, with the baby receiving specialist care at St George’s Hospital in London.

    Thankfully, Sophie and Prince Edward’s second child, James, Viscount Severn, who was born in 2007, had a much smoother arrival at the same hospital.

    Edward is the only one of the Queen’s four children to not have been divorced, and the late monarch was said to be very fond of her long-time daughter-in-law.

    Judi James, a body language expert, told Express.co.uk that the Countess’ close relationship with the Queen was easily visible when Sophie stepped out at Balmoral Castle to see the flowers left for Her Late Majesty after she had died.


    She said: “Sophie was such a close friend of the Queen’s, but she seemed to be pulling on some inner strength to offer comforting hugs to the entire group and perhaps acting as a source of strength as she sat with a raised chin in an attempt to display confidence and support.”

    Judi explained to Express.co.uk why the Countess of Wessex had a close relationship with Her Late Majesty.

    She said: “When Edward chose Sophie he gave his mother the most amazing gift. 

    “Sophie’s relationship with the Queen grew closer and closer to the point where they were friends as well as daughter and mother-in-law.

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    “This bond must have helped boost the harmony between Sophie and Edward.”

    Judi suggested why the late Queen and Prince Philip were so fond of this particular daughter-in-law.

    She explained: “Both the late Queen and Prince Philip always looked relaxed and happy in Sophie’s company and there was a moment at Sandringham at Christmas in 2002 when Sophie stood grinning, and the Queen suddenly reached up to touch her hat with the fondest of smiles in a totally rare moment of public affection and spontaneity.

    “It looks as though all the current royal Firm like popular Sophie and her ‘safe pair of hands’ reputation.

    “This not only makes Edward proud and made the late Queen prouder, but it has also seen the couple become the ‘fixers’ of the royal firm.

    “They are the ones trusted to act as a buffer between the battling Princes William and Harry and were supporting the late Queen in times of crisis.”

    Judi argues that Sophie’s character enables her to get on with many different personalities, which included Her Late Majesty.

    She said: “Sophie tends to be very open in terms of her signals of friendship, fun and active warmth at all levels of the royal firm, from the late Queen herself downward.”


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