Queen Elizabeth's ring had mysterious 'message' engraved – & may be passed to other royal


    Experts at RH Jewellers talked about Queen Elizabeth’s favourite jewels and revealed the late Queen’s engagement ring had a secret message that “no one has ever seen”. They claimed the piece could now be passed to another royal woman.

    Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring was given to her by the late Prince Philip in 1947 and was one of her most “understated pieces,” the experts explained.

    The ring boasts a three-carat diamond set in platinum, “it is small, elegant, and never left the Queen’s finger”.

    The jewellery experts revealed that Prince Philip reportedly had inscribed “a sweet message” on the inner ring, and “no one has ever seen it”, but Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and the jeweller.

    It is said the late monarch wasn’t buried wearing her engagement ring, meaning it will now be passed down to another member of the Royal Family.

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    The jewellery experts also talked about the aquamarine clips the Queen owned. “These pretty blue brooches were one of Her Majesty’s most sentimental pieces,” they explained.

    Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, gave the brooches to his daughter as a gift on her 18th birthday.

    She wore the two clips on several occasions, including her public address during the 2020 lockdown.

    The Queen also owned the Cullinian III and Cullinan IV, “two enormous diamonds weighing a hefty 94.4 and 63.3 carats”, respectively.


    “The price tag is just as weighty, valued at £50million,” the experts revealed. The brooch, commonly known to the royals as “Granny’s Chips”, was only spotted on the Queen a few times.

    Her grandmother Queen Mary, however, was “a massive fan of the brooch” and wore it often, even as a necklace and in her crown.

    Another beloved brooch of the Queen was The Scarab Brooch, which adorned her coat on many occasions.

    The jewellery experts said this was her “absolute favourite”; a gold and ruby piece which was gifted to her by her husband in 1966 and was designed by Andrew Grima, the Father of Modern Jewellery.

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    Queen Elizabeth also owned a very special choker which was seen around the Princess of Wales’ neck, at the Queen’s funeral in September.

    The Four Row Japanese Pearl Choker is “a stunning pearl and diamond choker and was a unique piece for Queen Elizabeth II”.

    She commissioned the choker herself using pearls from her own collection. The pearls were a gift she received from the Japanese Government in 1975 and the choker was ready to wear around seven years later.

    She only loaned the sentimental piece to two other royals: the late Princess Diana and Catherine, Princess of Wales.

    In terms of diadems, The Vladimir Tiara is also considered one of Her Majesty’s favourite pieces. The experts explained: “The Queen loved this versatile tiara, which was one of her favourites.

    “It previously belonged to her grandmother, Queen Mary. It can be altered to display different droplet jewels, including pearls and cabochon emeralds.”

    Finally, The Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamonds are a set of earrings and a necklace featuring thick-cut sapphire stones surrounded by diamond.

    They were made in 1850 and they were one of the late Monarch’s” most sentimental suites due to them being presented to her by her father”. In 1962, she added a matching tiara and bracelet, and she wore it often, especially when wearing royal blue.


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