Queen Elizabeth’s unseen images of fixing a car engine set to go up for auction


    Queen Elizabeth’s never seen images of tinkering under a bonnet and behind the wheel of a military vehicle are all set to go up for an auction, a news report has claimed. The photos, which are being released for the first time, can see the late Queen swapping the palace for a garage and doing her bit for the war effort.

    The archive images were kept by the late Major Violet Wellesley, who was the Princess’s ATS driving instructor.

    Before her death in 1971, Miss Wellesley gave strict instructions for the documents not to be sold off until after the Queen had passed as she didn’t want to offend Her Majesty.

    The Mirror reported that the documents is now being auctioned by the daughter of the close companion Miss Wellesley had left it to.

    It is made up of seven black and white photos of a 19-year-old Elizabeth wearing her ATS mechanic’s uniform.

    The set of documents also includes a provisional driving license of the Queen Elizabeth II for her job in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

    The official document lists her name as “HRH Princess Elizabeth” and states she has blue eyes, is 5ft 4in and has light brown hair.

    There are other images that shows three group shots of her with other ATS girls.

    Accompanying the photos is an account by Miss Wellesley that she was asked to give to the royal biographer Sir John Wheeler-Bennett in 1959.

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    The archive includes a letter sent from Buckingham Palace to Miss Wellesley thanking her for her birthday wishes.

    It is being sold by Reeman Dansie of Colchester, Essex, on November 8 with a guide price of £1,000-£2,000.

    Auctioneer James Grinter told The Mirror: “Miss Wellesely kept this fascinating archive of relating to the Queen’s service in the ATS and it was treasured by her for the rest of her life. I would imagine there will be a lot of interest.”


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