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Queen Kate! Royal fans gush at beautiful new pictures as Duchess returns from summer break


Kate headed to RAF Brize Norton where she met some of the military personnel and civilians who took part in Operation PITTING, on her first public appearance since July 11. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Twitter account referred to the operation as the largest humanitarian effort seen in the last seven decades.

The effort was carried out between August 14 and 28, aiding civilians in Afghanistan who were affected after the Taliban seized back power in the Middle East.

The tweet read: “Thank you to all the incredible people involved in Operation Pitting, the largest humanitarian aid operation for over 70 years, which saw 15,000 people flown out of Kabul in August by the Royal Air Force”

The message was accompanied by images of the Duchess at the Oxfordshire base, where she looked around an aircraft that was used in the Afghanistan evacuation efforts.

Royal fans gushed over the efforts made by the Duchess and one user – @Alana86532513 – commented that it was “wonderful” to see Kate out and about again, a sentiment which was echoed by others.

The user whose screen name is Alana, praised the Queen-to-be by saying “wonderful to see the Duchess of Cambridge again and her wonderful work recognising the achievement of others”.

Another user whose screen name is Juliet Briggs expressed her praise for the situation saying “That’s how to act as a royal” while user @Davethe25219352 said the Duchess’s visit was “Lovely! Just lovely! Thanks to everyone involved.”

User @DeloisYvonne referred to Kate, and her husband Prince William as “real stand up people”.

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Her sentiments were echoed by the account @DuchessDearly who said “It was so good to see the Duchess of Cambridge!! Thank you for highlighting the bravery it took to rescue 15,000 people out of Kabul in such a short time!”

Another User @asksab2 said “Welcome back beautiful Duchess, We have missed you a lot”, a thought which was reiterated by a third fan, @lovecambridges_, who said “So happy to see The Duchess being back to work for an important cause” and also praised those involved in the evacuation efforts.

While in Oxfordshire, Kate also learned about the first support offered to refugees on their arrival on British soil.

The royal spoke to RAF aircrew and medics who were involved in the humanitarian effort and offered assistance to those at Kabul airport.

She was also able to liaise with civilians and volunteers who established a repatriation centre at the Oxfordshire base.

These individuals continue to provide supplies to those fleeing Afghanistan.

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