Queen Letizia's parenting style 'elegant' while Kate Middleton's more 'tactile and fun'


    On the other side, and on the rare occasions when she is seen with her three young children, the Duchess of Cambridge seems like a warm and loving mum.

    “Kate, as future Queen and mother of a future King, is the consummate pro in terms of presenting the pitch-perfect, immaculate royal family moments,” Judi said.

    “She seems intent on being a very face-to-face mum, bending to the height of her children when talking to them and even part-kneeling in a bid to give them her full attention and to tune into their feelings and emotions.”

    Judi continued: “With the children so publicly on show like this she has to manage a tactile, close-up approach with ensuring a sense of fun but no tears of tantrums, alongside the normal royal demands.”


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