Queen's 'canny' reason for turning down Royal Yacht tribute to Prince Philip revealed

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The royal biographer has discussed the Queen’s decision not to have the UK’s new Brexit flagship named after her late husband Prince Philip. Boris Johnson has been under pressure to name the new £200 million vessels in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh. However, Ms Levin explained that Buckingham Palace’s decision not to back the tribute sends a very clear signal about the priorities of the Royal Family. 

Royal expert Angela Levin told TalkRADIO: “Firstly the Royal Family wasn’t involved at all in how it was built and how it was constructed.

“And I think to be suddenly given the opportunity to have it named after her husband she would have wanted to be involved to make sure it was something he approved of.

“Because he was of course outstanding when he was in the Navy.

“Secondly I think this is quite a canny decision because the comment from Buckingham Palace has been that it is too grand and I think this absolutely signals that the Royal Family know they need to be careful with their spending.”

Ms Levin continued: “If it was assumed that they were spending this or the country was spending £200 million to give them a boat with called after Prince Phillip.

“I think it would allow a lot of the people who are anti-monarchy to stamp their feet and march and say how appalling this was and how spoilt they were.

“Thirdly it was used very much for holidays and honeymoons, and in the Summer the Royal Family would go around all the little islands near Scotland on their way to stay in Scotland for the Summer.”

She added: “This generation, the new generation of the Royal Family don’t want to go on a cruise around the islands, they want to travel in the way that they want to do.”

It comes after Johnson unveiled ambitious plans for a new, £200million national ‘Brexit’ flagship to succeed the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Palace insiders have suggested the monarch is far from sold on the idea however, one senior royal source said: “It is not something we have asked for.”

Buckingham Palace has no involvement in the process, another source emphasised.

They explained: “It is a government decision. Buckingham Palace has not been involved in the decision, but we respect it.”

Construction of the new vessel is due to begin as soon as 2022 

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