Rafael Nadal opens up on 'arguments' off court with Roger Federer: 'We've had differences'


    “The relationship has always been great, but of course we’ve had differences of opinions off the court and have argued about it.” With Federer’s retirement, it brings an official end to their time together on tour with Nadal admitting last week that an “important part of my life is leaving”.

    “I was shaking a little bit. Have been a difficult day to handle every single thing, and at the end everything become super emotional,” he added. “For me, have been huge honour to be a part of this amazing moment of the history of our sport, and at the same time a lot of years sharing a lot of things together.

    “When Roger leaves the tour, yeah, an important part of my life is leaving too because all the moments that he have been next or in front me in important moments of my life. So have been emotional see the family, see all the people. Yeah, difficult to describe. But, yeah, amazing moment.”


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