Remainers mocked as Nissan confirms giant UK win – 'Crying into their smashed avocados!'


    The Japanese car giant will build Britain’s first electric car battery gigafactory with financial support from the Government in a huge boost to the automotive industry. The project comes despite previous warnings by Nissan over Brexit and prompted a strong reaction from readers.

    Commenting on this website, one reader said: “LOL.. This is a Remainer’s worst nightmare.”

    Another commented: “Read it and weep Remainers. You were wrong, oh so wrong ! LOL !”

    A third wrote: “Great news for the UK, great news for the people of Sunderland, great news for Brexit, bad news for the remoaner anti UK brigades!”

    Another added: “But, but, but the BBC said NISSAN would leave the UK …? Project Fear said NISSAN would move to EU … Remainers mocked Sunderland folk for voting LEAVE …”

    A fifth said: “I thought Remainers said these car companies would leave the UK if we voted leave. Yet another of their lies.”

    One asked: “Is that the same car maker that was going to leave if we left the EU?”

    Another reader wrote: “The Brexit Doomdayers must be crying in their mashed avocados on toast this morning.”

    One more commented: “Another kick in the teeth for miserable remoaners…..”

    READ MORE: Nissan to launch new UK gigafactory in a boost for Brexit Britain

    “Nissan’s announcement today is a major vote of confidence in the UK and our highly-skilled workers in the North East.

    “It is a pivotal moment in our electric vehicle revolution securing its future for decades to come.”

    Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “This fantastic investment by Nissan and Envision AESC represents a solemn commitment to the people of Sunderland, bringing further high-skilled jobs and turbocharging our plans to level up the North East.

    “This is a huge step forward in our ambition to put the UK at the front of the global electric vehicle race, and further proof, if any was needed, that the UK remains one of the most competitive locations in the world for automotive manufacturing.

    “I am extremely proud that Nissan has not only reaffirmed its belief in Britain, but is doubling down on its long-standing commitment to our country.

    “The cars made in this plant, using batteries made just down the road at the UK’s first at-scale gigafactory, will have a huge role to play as we transition away from petrol and diesel cars and kick-start a domestic electric vehicle manufacturing base.”


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