Rishi revival as exclusive poll reveals Sunak has led major Tory fightback against Labour


    Rishi Sunak has led a major fightback for the Tories in the polls knocking 11 points off Labour’s lead less than two weeks after entering Downing Street. The latest Techne UK tracker poll for Express.co.uk still gives Labour a 20 point lead over the Conservatives but is down from an enormous 31 percent just a fortnight ago.

    The results seem to justify claims by polling guru Sir John Curtice that Mr Sunak is “an awful lot more popular” than his predecessor Liz Truss.

    One poll in Ms Truss’ brief tenure as Prime Minister suggested that the Tories would be left with just one MP in an election.

    Michela, chief executive of Techne UK, said: “It’s early days for Rishi Sunak and his new Government but the fightback continues as for the second week running the Labour lead has reduced with the Conservatives starting to regain their lost political ground.

    “Labour have now dropped below the symbolic 50 point lead, falling 1 point to 49 points. Perhaps more significantly the Conservatives creep closer to the key threshold of 30 points – they are up 1 point to 29 points.

    “There is still a proverbial mountain for Sunak and his Conservatives to climb – but the fightback has absolutely started. Now the question is: will this trust be transformed into real votes at the next General Elections? Time will tell.”

    An indication of how far Mr Sunak needs to go before the Conservatives are back in contention is on the Electoral Calculus website which offers seat projections on different results.

    Based on the latest Techne poll, Labour would still have a massive majority of 202 with 426 seats while the Tories would be on an all time low of 133 seats, even worse than the humiliating defeat suffered in 1997 when Tony Blair swept to power and John Major’s government was ejected.

    However, the polls has come despite Mr Sunak announcing that he will have to cut government spending and raise taxes with the Bank of England predicting that the UK is set to hit a lengthy recession.

    The economic problems underline that a further fightback will be difficult for a Prime Minister who has to hold an election by January 2015 at the latest.

    Mr Sunak has also risked infuriating pensioners by refusing to commit to the 2019 manifesto promise on the triple lock for increasing the state pension.

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    The Daily Express is running a campaign and petition to save the triple lock which sees the state pension increase by 2.5 percent or the highest rate of inflation whater is higher.

    Currently, the Conservatives are fairing best with the so-called “grey vote” with 37 percent of those aged 65 and over backing them.

    However, Labour is still ahead in this category with 44 percent of the vote.

    Among young voters the picture is abysmal for the Tories with Labour lead in the 18 to 34 caegory by 54 percent to 24 percent.

    Mr Sunak will also need to show that critics are wrong regarding his Brexit stategy and not go light on reforms the poll suggests.

    Currently, the only category where the Tories lead is in 2016 Leave voters by 48 percent to 31 percent.


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    The one party which seems to be in decline and unable to make gains is the Lib Dems who were stuck on 11 points the same as they got in the 2019 election.

    The poll though suggests their support has now dipped to a mere 9 percent while the Greens are also down one to 4 percent.

    Voter disillusionment remains high with almost a quarter of people (24 percent) polled saying they would not vote in a general election while another 12 percent are uncertain meaning that more tha a third (36 percent) may not go to the polls.

    Techne polled 1,624 people on November 2 and 3.


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