Rishi Sunak stealth tax warning: Has Chancellor hidden devil in detail of his Budget?



    Responding to the series of tax and spend plans announced by the Chancellor, Rachel Reeves warned the country was stuck with hikes in council tax and national insurance contributions. She accused Mr Sunak of hiding the detail in his announcement.

    “He comes to ordinary working people and asks them to pay more – more than they’ve ever been asked to pay before, and at the same time to put up with worse public services all because of his economic mismanagement, his unfair tax system and his wasteful spending,” she told MPs in the Commons.

    “After taking £6billion out of the pockets of some of the poorest people in this country, he is expecting them to cheer today at being given £2billion to compensate.”

    She added: “Working people are being asked to pay more for less, for three simple reasons: economic mismanagement, an unfair tax system, and wasteful spending.

    “Each of these problems is down to 11 years of Conservative failure.

    They shake their heads, but the cuts to our public services have cut them to the bone.”

    The Chancellor has described the Budget as helping to create a “stronger economy of the future”.

    More to follow…


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