Royal Family LIVE: Charles and Queen slapped with urgent end of monarchy warning


    Royal expert Richard Eden spoke of Prince Charles and his status as a future monarch when he is due to replace his mother Queen Elizabeth II at the helm. He said: “Republicans clearly think the prospect of Prince Charles as King gives their cause a huge boost.”

    His comments come following a tweet published by the republican group Republic, which wishes to abolish the monarchy in favour of republic rule.

    The political movement featured an image on social media of the future king with the tagline “abolish the monarchy”, alongside a statement reading: “No matter how bad Charles is, or how low poll ratings go, he will be our next head of state. That is the problem”.

    “They’ve also forgotten (or never learned) that its been done before. The monarchy was done away with and the country became a republic. It was awful and didn’t work.”

    Royal fans spoke in favour of the Prince of Wales’s rule though, with some saying he would “make a very good King”, “he deserves the top job” and would provide the palace with a necessary “reform”.

    One user said: “I think Charles will make a very good king. The monarchy needs reform – less of the imperial trappings of yesteryear – and I think this is something Charles will bring about, starting with the creation of something akin to the Royal Houses of European monarchies.”



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