Royal Family LIVE: King Charles III 'watching' Meghan Markle 'in a business sense'


    King Charles III will be keeping a close eye on anything that Meghan Markle says that may damage the reputation of the Royal Family, an expert has warned. Meghan and her husband Prince Harry relinquished their duties as members of the Royal Family at the start of 2020 when they moved to the US, before the couple signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotfiy. But royal expert Duncan Larcombe warned that while the Duchess of Sussex is no longer a working member of the Royal Family, everything she says will be closely watched by King Charles.

    He told Fox News Digital:”[King] Charles’ modus operandi has been to pretty much try and ignore any stuff that’s written and said about him.

    “But, on Meghan, I would be very, very surprised if he weren’t being made aware of every kind of keynote interview and commercial stuff because they have to. It’s the Royal Family brand.

    “So yes, he will be watching, it will be far more in a business sense. He won’t want her to be saying things that could be damaging to the reputations of the royal family and, in particular, things that, in his opinion, are utterly untrue and unfair.”



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