Royal fury erupts as Queen told 'end of her reign' means monarchy is FINISHED

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Anti-Monarchy group Republic insisted the Queen’s reign is now coming to an end and called for a serious debate over the future of the Royal Family. In response to the campaign group, commentator Darren Grimes insisted the Queen is the backbone of the country. Ahead of Her Majesty’s jubilee next year, Mr Grimes claimed the Queen’s approval rating has surged since Megxit and the passing of Prince Philip.

Indeed, despite the campaign group’s claims, Mr Grimes insisted the public would back the celebration of “our selfless and devoted Monarch”.

He said: “Good Lord, these people can’t read the room, can they?

“After Megxit and the passing of the late and great Duke of Edinburgh, the Royal Family’s approval ratings are up.

“So many feel for Her Majesty The Queen.

“Most will back this UK-wide celebration of our selfless and devoted Monarch.”

This week, the Government announced celebrations for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Within the celebrations, there will be a concert at Buckingham Palace, a special pageant, street parties, a service at St Paul’s, horse racing and lighting of beacons to commemorate Her Majesty.

Her Majesty will become the first British Monarch to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee on February 6, 2022.

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“Seventy years in public office is not something to celebrate.

“It’s not an achievement and it’s not a good thing for Britain.

“We are now coming to the end of the Queen’s reign, and we need to start having a serious debate about ending the monarchy altogether.

“In a democracy voters should be choosing their head of state, not behaving like spectators, watching the job pass from mother to son.

“The Monarchy is wrong in principle, wasteful and secretive in practice and bad for British politics.

“Seventy years of one head of state should prompt serious debate, not state-sponsored celebrations.”

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