'Royalty used to mean something different': Former royal butler slams Meghan and Harry


    The Duke and Duchess have faced criticism since stepping down as senior royals in March 2020. The couple has launched several of their own projects including lucrative deals with streaming giants Spotify and Netflix as well as taking part in controversial interviews. But a former royal butler has slammed the couple for pursuing legal battles saying “Royalty used to mean something quite different”. 

    Meghan and Harry have a long-standing battle with the British media after launching several legal complaints. 

    Most recently, Harry took it up a notch and launched legal proceedings against the Home Office over its refusal to provide the Sussexes with police protection when they visit the UK. 

    Former butler Grant Harrold, who used to work for the Royal family, said their reactions “confuse” him. 

    Speaking on behalf of OnlineCasino.ca he said: “The only thing that sometimes confuses me is you see historically Kings and Queens did not ever get involved in legal battles or suing but there’s been a lot of that going on, obviously with Harry and Meghan and the Prince and Princess of Wales.

    “I think the Queen only ever twice did that but it’s becoming more regular and that’s sadly the world we live in.

    “They want to protect the name and the brand but I get that, I really do, it’s just Royalty used to mean something quite different.”

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    Mr Harrold said: “I said recently in an interview when people say they’re not getting on, I said, how do we know they’re not patched up?

    “We don’t know they’re not speaking, we have no idea because they’re a private family. I did say wouldn’t it be amazing if it was resolved.

    “And when I saw the four of them I thought that’s not just a PR stunt, it just wouldn’t make sense.

    “That was genuine, that was out of love for their grandmother. It was really nice to see that. I was really glad to see them as one family again.”


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