Russia missile strikes in Ukraine: Every Ukrainian city targeted by Putin in latest attack


    Russian missiles struck deep within Ukrainian territory this morning, with at least eight people dead. The attacks – considered a retaliation from Vladimir Putin over a Crimean bridge blown up on his birthday – hit civilian centres across capital city Kyiv and beyond. Russia has threatened further action as air raid sirens continue to ring across Ukraine.

    Where did the Russian missiles land?

    Ukraine’s air force spokesman said this morning that Russia fired 83 missiles at targets in the country.

    While most of these were shot down, several found their mark.

    Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, was among high profile targets, and missiles hit 12 cities altogether.

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    Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s President, said Russia targeted his country’s energy infrastructure.

    But the attacks rained fire on residential areas, with Kyiv hit especially hard.

    While one missile hit the Kyiv headquarters of the DTEK energy company, the city’s central train station, Kyiv University campus and glass bridge were also hit.

    Residents have said the missiles hit at the peak of civilian activity in the capital.


    As authorities comb through rubble in Ukrainian cities, Russia has teased additional attacks.

    Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President turned Russian Security Council deputy, said the Kremlin has played the “first episode”.

    He pledged there would “be others”, adding Ukraine would “always pose a lasting, direct and immediate threat to Russia”.

    Medvedev proposed that “future actions” should “aim to fully dismantle the Ukrainian political regime”.


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