Russia soldier erupts at army chiefs after Putin generals 'dumped us in forest' – VIDEO


    The ill-equipped Russian soldiers have been “dumped” in Ukrainian territory with very little equipment in a sign of Vladimir Putin’s poor war logistics, the two men say from their man shift shelter. With very low morale, the two men expressed dissatisfaction with the way they are treated and abandoned on the battlefield. Underresourced and at the mercy of Ukrainian soldiers, they said they remain hidden to avoid an inevitable death in a video shared on social media.

    An unnamed Russian soldier described his depressing war experience, saying: “We’re sitting in the forest. 

    “Just had a mortar shelling. Mortars were shelling us.

    “We were dumped in the forest and no one gives a f*** about us.

    “We’re sitting and waiting for the grass to grow.”

    “Bombs were landing right 10 meters away from us, exploding,” the dumped soldier said, adding: “All the weapons are over there, by the road.

    “No one gives a f*** about us”, the soldier repeated. “Like cannon fodder, sent us to the forest and dumped us.”

    His comrade jumped in, saying: “If only Shoygu [Russian Defence Minister] saw this! And Shoygu told Konashenko [chief spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defence], ‘what is happening with that stupid army, the army is not acting at all.'”

    “It’s only in the movies it’s f***ing great. But in reality, it’s mayhem. Worse than the AFU [Armed Forces of Ukraine].”

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