Russia suffers more humiliation as attempt to take back territory ends in farce


    Vladimir Putin’s attempt to seize back control of territory Russia lost this month has so far ended in farce. A clip released by a Ukrainian serviceman showed two Russian T-90As tanks abandoned after running into a ditch. The tanks had been tasked with a counter-attack against Ukraine’s military, which ended in humiliating failure.

    A member of the Ukraine Armed Forces @OSINTua tweeted: “Yesterday we spotted two abandoned Russian T-90A after the fail counter-attack.”

    Russians were pushed out of Kharkiv earlier this month in a devastating setback for President Putin’s war.

    @Osinttechnical claimed the two tanks experience “offroad accidents” while another simply said they were “abandoned because of the mud”.

    The video of the moment shows that both tanks were still running, showing the rushed Russian exit from the scene and that both vehicles were still operational.

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    The first tank appears to have been caught in a ditch while the second one slid off a steep embankment and got stuck.

    @Slip66G37 commented on the impact on Russian tactics: “So now they have to commit more of the T-90 now that the bulk of the T-72 and T-80 have been worn down.

    “They will attrition down as well.”

    @torbenwnielsen joked: “Russian tank driving skills are not impressive…”

    @VolteFaceInvest tweeted: “Abandoning operational T90s. Yikes.

    “They only have maybe 100 of them operational at the start of the war in their best units?”


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