Russian pundit slams UK as 'tribe of islanders who've gone too far' in bizarre TV rant


    Korotchenko singled out the UK during his tirade on Russian television with chief Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. The pundit delivered a lengthy monologue telling viewers all about the history of the “Anglo-Saxon,” from the Roman invasion to the British Raj. Korotchenko surmised that Britain is a “tribe of islanders who’ve gone too far” in a sign the Kremlin is becoming increasingly frustrated by Britain’s strong opposition to Putin’s ambitions for Ukraine. 

    Korotchenko told Russia1: “I was delighted by the news that the British ambassador has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

    “I hope that there will be a tough conversation there, maybe she will be handed a note of protest.

    “But it’s entirely obvious that our reaction to the Anglo-Saxons must be very harsh, pragmatically and precisely.

    “Well here they are, those very same Anglo-Saxon, as my colleague and I were discussing during the break, in actual fact it was the periphery of the great Roman Empire, 

    “Where savage Britons were running around climbing up trees and attempting to attack Roman legions.”

    He continued: “In fact, it’s from there, out of that chaos that they went on to restore their might.

    “They were pirating, plundering, raping and siphoning off resources from the states they colonised.

    “The entire wealth of the City of London is down to them robbing India and dozen of other territories.”

    He ended the history lecture with a call to put Britain “back in its place,” branding the UK a “tribe of islanders who’ve gone too far.”

    It comes as a former US General predicted Vladimir Putin will lose everything as Russia will eventually be forced to give up all Ukrainian territory gained since 2014.

    Ben Hodges, who served as commanding general of the United States Army in Europe, has predicted that Ukraine will eventually roll back all of Russia’s military gains since 2014, including liberating Crimea. 

    Putin is desperate to cling onto the territory in southern and eastern Ukraine which Russian forces have managed to grab but are now struggling to hold as Kyiv mounts renewed offensives powered by western weaponry. 

    The retired general told TimesRadio: “I believe that Ukraine will have liberated Crimea by the summer and I believe that because we’ve talked about who has the superior will?

    “The Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian people compared to the Russians.

    “The logistics situation for Russia is terrible you know, the Kersh bridge being damaged, the Russians now are trying to improve the route that runs along past Mariupol in order to resupply their forces in the southern part of Ukraine.

    “Their logistics system was already weak I would say exhausted even before this, and now they’re adding a couple 100,000 of troops that are just going to be another burden.”


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