Russian recruits erupt at training camp after finding out families not paid – video


    The troops from the Chuvash Republic lashed out at Vladimir Putin’s officials at a training centre in Ulyanovsk after their families were not paid the “promised” £4,200 family support. In footage shared on the Telegram channel Angry Chuvashia, soldiers are seen storming the camp.

    A female military officer is seen telling the troops there were not promised 300,000 roubles.

    One said: “It’s clear – we were f*****g fooled.”

    It was later reported the draftees had been “calmed” after the national guards and OMON riot police were called in to suppress the brawl.

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    A soldier told the Telegram channel: “Risking our own lives, we’re going into certain death for the sake of your security and peace.

    “Our government is refusing to pay us the 195,000 rubles ($3,160) that President Vladimir Putin promised us!

    “Why, then, should we go to war for this state, leaving our families without support?!

    “We refuse to take part in the ‘special military operation’ and will seek justice until we’re paid the money that was promised to us by the government led by the President of the Russian Federation.”

    “This is going to continue to be a long, difficult bloody conflict,” a western official said.

    Western officials have not yet seen signs Mr Putin has a “plan B” as most of the wider world continues to side with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government.

    His “error” in invading Ukraine has damaged the Russian leader internally, western officials suggested, with reported concerns among some elites about the impact of the war.

    Russia’s Defence Ministry recently reported completing a partial mobilisation of troops, ostensibly fulfilling a promise to end the call-up at 300,000 men.


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