Sacré bleu! Macron mocked for swapping perfect English for ridiculous French accent

The President, currently facing the real possibility of losing out to far-right National Rally Marine Le Pen next year, seemed to be trying to ham up his French credentials with the stunt. But it spectacularly backfired – leaving people rolling with laughter rather than clapping with admiration.

Mr Macron, an unapologetic europhile, spoke in English for the clip which welcomed the US back into the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Joe Biden rejoined almost immediately after taking the presidency after his predecessor Donald Trump controversially withdrew his country from it.

Captioned “We are living the first consequences of basically climate disorders. It’s time to rush”: Mr Macron’s accent began like ‘Allo ‘Allo’s policeman before turning into Pavorotti.

It differed hugely from previous interviews the former investment banker has given where his French accent was hardly noticeable.

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“We need India and China to be with us,” he added.

Mr Macron, who threatened Russia days ago over its aggressive actions around Ukraine, totally omitted China’s appalling human rights record when he lavished praise on its president Xi Jinping.

He commended “the commitment” of President Xi to work with the US and Europe on climate issues.

Within minutes of going live, the French President’s official Twitter page was deluged with comments mocking his accent.

One person said: “Ok, did Macron’s English get noticeably worse? Sounds more like (former Italian prime minister Matteo) Renzi.”

“Could be a genius pre-election gambit. Ratchet up the Frenchness to boost support in the heartland.”

Another wrote: “Yeah it has worsened a bit indeed. But no comparison with (Mr) Renzi please.”

Another joked: “I think it is the social isolation/pandemic effect. I also feel it lately with (Dutch prime minister Mark) Rutte’s accent in English.”

A fourth mused: “I don’t remember Emmanuel Macron’s English pronunciation being that bad.”

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