Samsung's next Galaxy phone set for vital camera upgrade… but it's not what you think


    Samsung recently confirmed its next Galaxy Unpacked showcase will take place on August 11 and it’s looking set to be another gadget-packed event. If the current leaks and rumours are to be trusted, we’re expecting to see some new smartphones unveiled, including a cheaper version of Galaxy S21 and some all-new foldables that could finally make this bendy technology waterproof.

    These devices will include all the usual new features and upgrades but one of the best rumours about these upcoming phones could be a big upgrade to the camera.

    Now, before you get too excited, this isn’t a boost to the megapixels, clever Night Mode or telephoto zoom. Instead, it seems that Samsung could be about to make its rear snappers much more durable.

    That’s according to a new report from Gorilla Glass – a firm who is renowned for making unbreakable displays. The company says it has been working on making super tough glass to cover smartphone cameras and it seems Samsung could be one of the first to use it.

    In the update, the firm reveals, “Samsung will be the first customer to adopt the Gorilla Glass DX products for camera lens covers”.

    This hopefully means that the camera on the next Samsung phone you buy won’t crack or scratch as easily if you drop it or have it tucked in your pocket next to your keys.

    Gorilla Glass is much tougher than regular glass, which makes it perfect for smartphone displays, as it’s less likely to break.

    This display technology has been used on most Android smartphones for years, allowing companies to sell devices with much stronger screens.

    Samsung has always chosen to use Corning’s Gorilla Glass so it’s not surprising that the smartphone manufacturer now wants to pack the latest and greatest technology into the rear case of its next smartphone.

    It’s unclear exactly which Samsung smartphones will adopt the new camera glass, or indeed when.

    Corning’s announcement only mentioned that Samsung will be the first to use the technology, but there’s no indication of a launch date. However, it would make sense for Samsung to use this new glass technology on its upcoming Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, as the devices are two of

    We’ll be bringing you all the news from Samsung’s Unpacked event on August 11 so watch this space.


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