‘Saves a lot of money!’ ‘Effective steps’ to heat your home while reducing energy bills


    Jordan explained: “Keeping your curtains closed, or investing in a thermal curtain lining can likewise help to prevent warm air from escaping – this effective trick alone can reduce heat loss by up to 25 percent.”

    4. Check you thermal radiator valves

    TRVs are the valves on radiators which have the numbers on them and are used to control the hot water flowing into radiators and in turn the radiator’s temperature. If they are all set to two or below households will have a hard time feeling the benefits of their heating being on and it’ll take much longer for their home to warm up. Rebecca Lacey, co-owner of Lacey Plumbing and Heating said: “We always advise our customers to set the downstairs TRVs to five, and upstairs to two or three, allowing some of the heat from downstairs to rise and heat both upstairs too.”

    5. Fit underlay before laying a carpet

    The carpet and underlay for flooring that you choose can also make a big difference on a house’s insulation. According to the experts at Carpetright, getting the right underlay for flooring can help save as much as 15 percent off of energy bills.

    Jemma Dayman, Carpet Buyer for Carpetright said: “Underlay is often overlooked, but it’s a really important element of the carpet-buying process. Not only does it insulate, it also provides cushioning, acts as a shock absorber protecting the actual floor itself, and as a sound barrier between floors.”


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