Scotland trip not 'easiest visit politically' for Kate and William – calls for referendum

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Kate and William received a rather ambiguous reception from the Scottish First Minister during this royal visit. When asked for a comment on the trip by journalists, the premier refused to answer. 

She said: “Given the rather chilly reception from Sturgeon and the fact that Scotland might be on the brink of asking for a referendum again, this probably wasn’t the easiest visit politically for the couple, especially if it risked managing to look like a PR exercise rather than a signal of genuine affection and friendship for the country.”

However, she also claimed the couple looked particularly happy on the trip.

She suggests this might be for one rather romantic reason.

Judi said: “The open enjoyment and levels of relaxed fun on this trip could also be down to another important factor though.

“Scotland is where William and Kate met and fell in love so the visit must also be full of romantic reminders, too.”

Judi claimed Willaim has appeared “at his most relaxed and accessible in Scotland”.

She went on: “His signals of affection and admiration for his wife have reached a new peak.

“He looks like a man who might have accepted their recent surge in popularity but without the edge of concern that intense levels of interest might compromise their privacy.

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