Seriously?! Gordon Brown admits he STILL wants to reverse Brexit – 'I want to rejoin EU!'


    The former Labour Prime Minister has been warned about Britain’s departure from the EU and warned Boris Johnson would spark an “economic war” if he failed to get a trade deal with the bloc.

    But now, Mr Brown has admitted he is still a supporter of the EU and admitted he wants to reverse Brexit.

    Speaking at the Guardian Live event this week, Mr Brown said: “I want to rejoin the European Union.

    “I’ll not give up. I didn’t support joining the euro because I didn’t think it would work for Britain, it wasn’t because I objected to a single currency.

    “I’m not some mad integrationist that in all situations will say, integrate, integrate, integrate.

    “But I do think our future is still European, and I do think that myself.

    “But I recognise that’s not what’s going to happen in the very short term, and I also recognise that we’ve also got to find a better way of expressing global Britain, to persuade people of the need for international cooperation.”

    He went on to say while he regrets Britain leaving the Union, he said he is not deciding Labour’s policy at the next election.

    The former Prime Minister said: “I’m only saying it as a personal view.

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    Mr Brown went on to argue Britain should be playing a “leading part in the United Nations, in the International Monetary Fund, in the World Bank”.

    He continued: “We should be shaping the agenda there with other countries.

    “And we just seem to be out of that.

    “And you really can’t talk about global Britain unless we’re part of that.”

    A poll back in April found 60 percent of Labour supporters want Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer to overturn democracy and fight to rejoin the EU.

    A YouGov survey found 59 percent of Labour members polled thought they should campaign on the issue compared to just 15 percent who said they should not.

    This poll came just months after Sir Keir urged his party to “move on” from Brexit and focus on the next election – in which Labour saw another defeat in the Hartlepool by-election.

    Mr Starmer said: “The argument has moved on and we, the Labour Party, need to accept that Leave/Remain divide goes in a few weeks time and we need to focus on what comes next.”

    This is not the first time Mr Brown has urged the UK to keep the door open to rejoining the EU.

    Back in 2018, Mr Brown said: “I believe a referendum will happen as people come to the conclusion that since 2016 the situation has changed and at some point they will want to have the final say.”


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